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My Insta-friend (& hopefully soon to be real-life friend), Sammy Eason, is dropping by to show us all of her favorite places in St. Louis. Sammy is a momma to the cutest and funniest boy, Isaac (aka Chunk). She’s also a wife and one of the “realest” bloggers I know. She’s raw and honest…a complete breath of fresh air we can all relate to in some way. Sammy’s lived in St. Louis a while now, so she knows all the ins and outs. From the best pizza joint to where to get our sweat on, she’s telling it all. BEWARE: Her kindness is contagious and her food pics will make ya want to book a flight to St. Louis tomorrow.

The rest of this post is written by Sammy ♡.

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xx, Kait♡


Katie's Pizza and PastaKatie's Pizza and Pasta
Mud HouseMud House
OLIO Mediterranean OLIO Mediterranean
Clover and the BeeClover and the Bee


Lulu’s Local Eatery: Cheap, delicious, locally sourced, filling vegan food. Also, their plant boxes in the outside seating area are painted file cabinets – COOL!

The Tavern Kitchen & Bar: My numba one! All around amazing. Get a sitter for the kids because you’ll want to enjoy your time here. The best date night spot. ORDER THE SALMON.

Sweet Art: Amazing plant-based burgers. Oh, and you MUST get the cinnamon roll or you’re doing it wrong.

Seedz Cafe: An organic & vegetarian restaurant with the prettiest and most insane vegan cheesecakes made by one of the girls who works there.

BrickTop’s: Get your mortgage payment in the mail before coming here, BUT do come here. Intimate, delicious, incredible customer service, and great food. Order the grilled asparagus and thank me later!

Union Loafers: BEST BREAD EVER. I always wanna be here. Soup, salad, pizza, wine. What more do you need in life?

Olio: Hummus lovers unite! Israeli inspired cuisine, plus cool drinks, a cozy patio with string lights, and live music!

Rooster: Your BAEsic brunch spot. Mimosas, pancakes, crepes, eggs, veggies, biscuits, bacon, etc… Locally sourced.

Katies Pizza & Pasta: Listen carefully: charred cauliflower, brussels, fig & squash pizza. Class dismissed.

Knead: A new bakery in town where the guy has been making his own yeast for years. The cacao nib donut is straight heaven. And right across the street from my brother-in-law’s art gallery. Win win!

Pastaria: The ultimate family dinner place. Wine for mom, beer for dad, pasta for all. Order the minestrone soup and the brussels. You won’t regret it!

Winslow’s Home: Accurately named because you’ll want to move in! Basically grandma’s cottage with amazingly fresh pastries and the best breakfast potatoes in all the land. Plus there are built-in bookshelves packed with little wooden toys, interesting books/gifts, and an old ladder on wheels like in the library from Beauty and the Beast – CUTE!

Half & Half: Take your mama here on Mother’s Day if you wanna be the favorite child. Everything is made from scratch. You’re going to want to order the Clara Cakes. For the savory people – the Veggie Hash will be your BFF.

The Clover and The Bee: NEW NEW NEW! Also cheddar grits. It pairs well with an oat milk latte or a grapefruit mimosa (juice made in house). Don’t forget to grab the pecan bar on your way out – eat it when your sweet tooth hits later that evening or stuff it in your face on the drive home like I did.

Olympia:Best gyro and “flaming cheese” aka saganaki. GET IT!

Manee Thai: Pregnant cravings be like…This place is a hidden gem! Owners Neon and Tanee have become friends over the years and invited us home to Thailand with them many times. The red & green curry dishes are out of this world! PSA dippers: you’ll need to get the roti on the side (soft savory doughy pancake magic).


Seedz CafeSeedz Cafe
Katie's Pizza & PastaKatie's Pizza & Pasta
Fiddlehead Fern CafeFiddlehead Fern Cafe
Seedz ProvisionsSeedz Provisions
Seedz ProvisionsSeedz Provisions
Jeni's Ice CreamJeni's Ice Cream


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream: You’ll have to fight the impulse to try every single flavor. They use grass-fed dairy and works with farmers to bring you unique flavors like goat cheese with red cherries, sweet potato with torched marshmallows, and Riesling poached pear sorbet.

Vincent Van Doughnut: If you’re gonna go all out, this is the place to be. GF options.

Strange Donuts: Nice people, strange donuts. Check it out!

Seedz Cafe: Again…their vegan cheesecakes. Oh & the must try the cashew cream donut.


Living RoomLiving Room
Seedz ProvisionsSeedz Provisions

Coffee & Drinks:

Fiddlehead Fern Cafe: My papa was a candy man for Cadbury and wicked into pastries – safe to say my mom has had her fair share of baked goods and sweets (all the way from Boston to Paris). Yet she has deemed Fiddlehead’s plain croissant as “by far the best croissant ever experienced”. Along with their loaded toasts, house made latte flavors, and instagrammable AF aesthetic, they have a band that comes every Sunday at 12 and they are AWESOME. A total feel good spot + family friendly. Way to go Darcy! (the long haired brunette behind it all – sweet as can be). They also brew local Coma Coffee.

Coma Coffee: Hello cousins of Lori and Ryan who I have yet to meet! Love your coffee! They have an oat milk latte that is to die for and are located in a great spot – across from The Galleria mall (hello Free People), and minutes from Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joes, REI, Container Store, the list goes on… Grab a coffee and GET YOUR SHIT DONE!

Juice Bar: Ginger greens is where it’s at! I’d been here a few times before my trainer Katie got me hooked. These juices are sure to give you a pep in your step and leave you feeling fresh and light.

Confluence Kombucha: The most delicious & unique kombucha flavors + probiotic coconut yogurt made in house – I always take a huge thing of it home!

Rise Coffee: If you’re looking for a cute brick wall to take a bloggerish picture in front of, this place is on a good strip for it! They have a kids room upstairs, insane vegan baked goods, and unique food fit for all.

Blueprint: The cool kids go here. Located in The Loop in University City, neighboring iconic places like Fitz’s Root Beer, Vintage Vinyl (record junkies stop here), and Iron Age Studio (owned by artist Brad Fink), Blueprint has a calm vibe, good eats, and friendly customers (Chunk has made many friends sitting at tables nearby).

Sump Coffee: If you’re a coffee purist…

Comet Coffee: Right off the highway, a convenient stop on your way into or out of the city. I actually lost my oat milk latte virginity here and it was a good time.

Living Room: Salted honey latte. I’ll just leave you with that.

Kaldi’s Coffee: They specialize in sustainably sourcing and roasting the best coffees from all over the world! I also heard Andy Cohen likes to hang here when visiting home if you need to catch up on any Real Housewives gossip. Note: there are many locations. I recommend visiting the OG shop on Demun in Clayton.

The Mud House: Cozy and comforting tucked away on Cherokee street – the back patio is like sitting in your back yard while friendly folks bring you food and coffee.


Tower Grove ParkTower Grove Park
Lumiere Sculpture ParkLumiere Sculpture Park
The ArchThe Arch

Things to Do:

Tints: Non toxic mani pedis! Clean, cute, trendy, reasonably priced.

Civil Alchemy: The cutest shop with the most unique gifts. Ceramics, leather goods, food, kitchen trinkets, you name it! Build your own bouquet and take a nice little somethin’ home for yourself.


Shred415: I’m biased of course because this place is like a second home. BUT, it is the cleanest and friendliest gym I’ve ever been to. They offer child care which is a mamas dream (a small room with a limited amount of spots so there’s not too many kids), and the instructors will make you feel like you’re in a personal training session with the Kardashians.

Yoga Six: I have a dear friend who works at the St. Louis location. Take Moira’s class – you’ll leave feeling motivated, and amazing. If you’re visiting family outside the city, the Des Peres Yoga Six will be closer to you.

Bowood Farms: GARDEN GOALS! Plants, handmade things, and a cafe inside. Go go go!

Flowers and Weeds: A supa cute corner spot complete with all the beautiful green things and the friendliest staff.

Forest Park: Did you know Forest Park is one of the largest parks in the US and bigger than Central Park in NYC? Yup! It’s gorgeous too, and even connects to the zoo. #rhymingskillsonpoint. In all seriousness, this is where you want to be for any outdoor activity – walk, run, bike, roller blade, picnic, whatever, GO!

The Zoo: ITS FREE. Easy to navigate and not super overwhelming, the St. Louis Zoo is a wallet friendly activity for everyone! I mean, who doesn’t like to go for a walk and see penguins at the same time?

St. Louis Science Center: ALSO FREE! Educational, fun, not overly time consuming.

Tower Grove Park: If you come in the summer, the Tower Grove Farmers Market goes on every Saturday from 8-12am. They have yoga in the park, live music, a fountain, and food trucks! Tower Grove is beautiful nonetheless, a gorgeous park to walk around, take photos, play tennis, and even has two play grounds – one geared for the older kids, and one for the wee little guys.

Castlewood State Park: HOLY VIEWS! Okay, it’s not the Grand Canyon, all we got is rivers here in Missouri but the trails sure are stunning.

Gateway Arch St. Louis: If you’re claustrophobic or anxious in the slightest, the ride to the top in a tiny rickety elevator pod thing is not for you. But it’s truly an incredible structure to see and stand underneath. Fun fact: no building in St. Louis can be taller than the arch.

City Museum: Basically a GIANT playground for all ages. Google it! If you’re a germ freak I would NOT recommend going here. But, it’s probably one of the coolest places you can experience. It is a MUST DO if you’re in the Lou.

The Magic House: A fun, educational, hands on, imaginative, HOUSE OF MAGIC. Take your kid here and they’ll love you forever.

Big River Running Company: Going on a walk, hike, run, or always movin? Their fit specialists will get you in the best most comfortable shoe for all your adventures. Pick up a sweet Patagonia jacket while you’re at it!


Forest ParkForest Park
Bowood FarmsBowood Farms
The ArchThe Arch

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