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Hey friends!

I wanted to pop on here and give some hair tips for blondes and balayage! I’ve been through the ringer when it comes to blending my natural hair color (a darker blonde) to bright blonde. It seemed like every single stylist I went to didn’t understand what I wanted. It’s taken at least FOUR years to figure out my blonde hair and there’s been many times when I’ve gone home, looked in the mirror, and cried. There’s also been at least two times where I decided to go back to the stylist a few weeks later to have them fix it, but it would always turn out worse.

My story started off when I visited a salon a for my first highlight session and walked out with super brassy blonde zebra stripes from where the stylist didn’t evenly put the color on! *Note* All these salons came highly recommended. Then I went to a salon in Atlanta and a girl turned my hair reddish blonde…oops. After that, I didn’t dye my hair for a few years, could you blame me? But when we moved to Utah, I tried again. I visited a trendy salon in SLC (did this twice because I’m all about second chances LOL) and asked for balayage and left with straw, yellow hair. Well actually it was toned with a gray toner the first time and a purple toner the second time. But when it faded it was straw yellow. This EXACT same thing happened to my bff when she went to this salon. We have similar hair color and her “rose gold toner that was supposed to fade” left her hair orange. Even when she got it fixed, it was still orange. Now she goes to my girl ;). I will never use a color toner like pink or purple again, because I truly don’t believe your hair fades the same or maybe the quality of the toner isn’t great. The last time I went, I asked for balayage again and came out with a micro-weave color that was a little too dark and ashy for my liking. It was much better, but still not what I wanted.


My Bad Hair Progression LOL



A few months ago, a girl on IG reached out to me to do my hair! I went in for a cut and talked to her about how I didn’t want to color my hair again because I was SO scared how it was going to turn out. It had been 8 or 9 months since I had any color and she just started asking me questions about what I wanted my hair to look like. So I explained for the millionth time…”I want balayage that will fade into my natural hair color and I want it to be super low maintenance. I want it to be creamy, not too ashy but not at all brassy.” She (Jenna) explained to me that most hair dressers (maybe not the newer ones) do not learn proper balayage when they go to hair school. She worked a year as an apprentice to learn more and more about different techniques and the best ways to achieve the perfect balayage. She was AMAZING.

My hair finally matches how my heart feels aka super blondie. I asked @jennapuzziohair all the questions so I knew what to tell you guys. Here’s what she did! Again, I like to keep my natural color and do balayage throughout so I don’t have to ever get roots touched up. Jenna used two different toners for blending (many hair stylists skip this step which is why blending or your balayage may not turn out how you want it!) She simply did this: paint, sit, shadow root, rinsed, toned the bottom, washed, and styled. Lastly, I wanted two chunkier pieces in the front to frame my face and make my eyes pop. She used foil for those two pieces ❤️????

Hope this helps, but feel free to ask me anything

For the hair products I use…click here! I swear by Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel treatment once a week to keep my hair from getting brassy :)!

xx -♡Kait



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