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How to Only Wash Your Hair 1-2x a Week

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I have super dry hair, so that means I try not to wash it often. Max 1-2x per week. I won’t go longer than that, because I workout 5-6 days a week. Keeping all the sweat and build-up can be counterproductive to achieving healthy hair. So, to make sure I keep my hair as healthy as possible, I coordinate my hair washing days with my sweatiest workout days. The above pictures are 5 days without a wash.

Here’s how I went from washing my hair every day, to just 1-2x per week.

Tip #1: Rinse don’t wash

If I have a realllly sweaty workout, but am not ready to wash my hair, I simply rinse it in the shower, let it air dry, and then spray with dry shampoo. Rinsing doesn’t disturb your natural oils. Just simply rinse with cool or warm water to get rid of sweat (sweat is water-based, so no need for shampoo to remove it).

Tip #2: Wash with Quality

Use a high-quality shampoo and wash your hair really well. I also do a deep conditioning mask once a week. I leave this on for 30 minutes before showering. Then I double wash my hair. This is to get rid of any excess oil, deep clean my scalp, and remove any build up from over the week. Having short hair, a good wash is really important because my hair looks oilier quicker. To combat this, I only condition my ends and any dry parts around the frame of my face…never close to the scalp.

Tip #3: Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner

Couldn’t make it through the week without reviving my hair. I use dry shampoo 1-2x a week. It helps my hair last longer between washes, leaves it smelling good, and gives volume at the roots. Plus less work for me :). I recently discovered Waterl<ss and was super excited to try it. Their ‘no-residue’ dry shampoo is amazing, because it truly sprays on clear. None of that baby powder look. But the game changer? Dry conditioner. This is the first time I’ve seen dry conditioner and I’m in love. I spray my ends and find that it conditions without being oily. Pleasantly surprised with this. Both products are paraben & sulfate free. Very affordable too.

**It’s really important to me to learn the story behind the brands I work with, and I loved the purpose of Waterl<ss. They started with a small team of scientists who were looking to improve the non-wash day experience for a diverse set of people & hair types. So they launched in South Africa, after learning that the city of Cape Town was only 3 months away from running out of water. Waterl<ss provided the city with an option when they had no choice but to not wash their hair. Waterl<ss haircare is designed to provide a wide range of products that work on diverse hair types to give you clean, conditioned, and great smelling hair without…you guessed it, using a single drop of water.**

Tip # 4: No Oils between Washes.

Unless you are using solely on the ends, I wouldn’t use any oil-based products between washes. Also…keep your hands out of your hair LOL. This contributes to greasiness and just makes your hair flat.

Hope this was helpful. Find Waterl<ess products here at CVS. <3.

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