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My Engagement Ring Story


Me and J have a pretty non-traditional story. Not really on purpose, but it’s kind of how things worked out. Even though we never got engaged, I still got my engagement ring :). I wanted to share the ring process, because it was messy! We were both naive when it came to rings and had no idea about the 4 C’s. So needless to say, I’m on my THIRD and final ring. Please don’t judge me, lol!


My first ring was from an online jeweler in London. We were broke and got it for a really good price. The ring was white gold with a .7 center stone and a diamond halo. The thing I learned from this process was don’t buy a ring online without seeing it or a similar style in person first. The ring was super yellow (and not in the gorgeous Carrie-Underwood ring type of way). We were both disappointed, especially because it was final sale.




My second ring was sooo pretty…..well, in the store at least. That jewelry store lighting can be deceiving. We wanted to get a ring from a custom jeweler, but the only person that would allow a trade-in was Kay Jewelers. Unfortunately we went during the holidays, so they guy working was seasonal and had no knowledge of rings. We still didn’t know about the 4 C’s, so here comes mistake #2. I got a cluster ring. I had NO idea it was a cluster. It was a Neil Lane (where my Bachelor fans at?!) and I thought it was so cool. We were also shocked how affordable it was being that it was 1.9 carats. The problem was the center stone was a cluster…but you couldn’t tell at ALL in store. We seriously had no idea. The guy selling it to us even said it was a cushion cut solid center stone. I first noticed it 30 days after I got it, so we couldn’t return it. I was making cinnamon rolls, and the dough got stuck all around the diamonds. Needless to say I cried. I felt taken advantage of. We soon discovered that the ring they sold us was reallllly low quality and looked yellow/dirty/fake unless you cleaned it every day.




Alright, we’re finally here! If you’ve stuck around to read this last part…thanks for not thinking I’m crazy haha! My 3rd ring also came from Kay. We wanted to go somewhere else, but yet again…we could only trade in my ring here. I was able to get my center diamond from a 3rd party (still through Kay though) and created a custom ring. At this point we knew our 4 C’s and were pretty picky with the ring. I asked for a twisted band and oval diamond with a dainty halo. I had to send it back several times to get it right. All honesty, I recommend going with a local or reputable brand. Oh and doing A LOT of research prior. My current ring is a total of 2 carats.




Now onto the bands. I didn’t get a band until we had been married 2.5 years. Jered surprised me with a Henry Daussi floating diamond rose gold band from Diamonds Direct. The rose gold adds a pop to the set. Diamonds Direct does a great job with cleanings, and it came with a lifetime warranty on the ring. They may have the ring in store, but I could only find one place online that currently sells the exact one I have, so here’s the link!

Just recently, Faaya Diamonds sent me the most beautiful ring! It’s lab grown and ethical, which I thought was super cool. I had been wanting to add one more band to the group and was looking at a Tacori band. The Tacori was suppppper expensive though. That’s one thing I love about Faaya…they produce beautiful, affordable rings! Highly recommend. Here’s my band. I’ve teamed up with them to give you 15% off your first order! Just use code “kaitfaaya15” :).

So to sum it up:

1. Research: Color, cut, clarity, carat weight, shapes, etc.

2. Shop local, or go to a reputable jeweler.

3. Try on, try on, and try on some more.


xx -♡Kait



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