The Daily Kitchen & Bar

The Daily Kitchen & Bar

What's to love?:

The Daily is a modern eatery located in Carytown. They have tons of dietary options when it comes to your lifestyle approach, including some of the best gluten-free toast sourced from a local bakery. The menu is rich and diverse with items ranging from pizza, tacos, and sandwiches to organic roasted chicken and seared salmon. One of my favorite drinks on the menu, which could easily be overlooked, is the coconut latte made with coconut water, espresso, and almond milk! It’s super good if you’re in the mood for an iced latte without being too sweet.

The Daily works hard to serve food that is health conscious, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible by using loads of organic, local, and sustainable ingredients, while also keeping prices fair. You can find out more about the sourcing here.



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