Huckleberry Cafe

Huckleberry Cafe

What's to love?:

Huckleberry Cafe is the California-living, country lovin’, brunch-goin’ foodie’s dream. This Santa Monica spot is always bustling with customers who rave about their delicious baked goods, mouthwatering sandwiches, and all-day breakfast menu. If you can get past the long counter-serve line, which should be easy considering the intoxicating smell in the air, you’ll be in for the meal of a lifetime. Even more enticing is the full coffee bar whipping up caramel lattes and Americanos to go perfectly alongside your donut AND cinnamon roll, because who’s picking just one?! Huckleberry isn’t your grandmother’s kitchen, or maybe it is. They take classic menu items like Green Eggs and Ham, the Organic Fried Chicken Sandwich, & Huevos Rancheros and make it taste ten times better than anything you’ve ever had. Unfortunately there’s no actual huckleberries and they close at dinnertime, but we’ll let it slide.

All photos were provided by Huckleberry Cafe & captured by Emily Hart Roth.

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