La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

What's to love?:

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria can be a little overwhelming for the first-timer, but don’t let that take away from the amazing food! It’s basically an organic coffee bar, breakfast cafe, pizzeria, gelateria, and unconventonal retail grocery all in one bustling shop. La Grande is serving organic oatmeal, french pancakes, and avocado + goat cheese toast for breakfast and their famous wood-fired pizzas made with chewy sourdough crusts for dinner.  If you’re in a rush, opt for quick to-go items including sandwiches, fresh salads, and delicious pastries. And for a well-rounded meal, don’t skip dessert! They have an enormous gelato selection offering traditional dairy and vegan flavors like whisky caramel, peanut butter chunk, and riesling poached apple (v).

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