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In June I had a mole removed from my face! To be honest, it was something I always hated. So when I had an excuse to remove it (preventative!), I did. In the past, a derm had shaved it off…but it was regrowing faster each time and growing unevenly. I probably had it shaved 3 or 4 times! I headed to a plastic surgeon, because hello…this is on my FACE lol. Took him 30 minutes to numb, remove, and stitch me up. Over the past several months, I’ve worked really hard to reduce the scarring. Going to share with you guys what I’ve done, below!

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How I Healed My Scars

  1.  When I had the stitches in, I didn’t do any hard workouts. I didn’t do anything where I would sweat a lot or create bacteria on the scar.
  2. When I got my stitches out, I followed the doctor’s protocol. The scar was still healing, so no touching or massaging the scar
  3. After my check up, the doctor told me to use over-the-counter scar treatments. I tried natural stuff, but it didn’t work. With the scar being on the main part of my face, I decided to use whatever worked best to reduce the scarring.
  4. Mederma gel scar treatment and silicone strips. I rotated between the two. The silicone strips last forever! I cut the strips into smaller pieces and then leave it on as long as I can. Generally from 9pm to 730am or later. The doc also let me in on a secret…the expensive stuff works just as well as the over-the-counter.
  5. I massage my scar daily. I push it against my cheekbone to loosen scar tissue…no jade roller needed!


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