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Thank You, Next.

Ariana Grande pretty much sums it all up. So do I even need to write this blog post? Okay, okay…I guess I should.

North Carolina. Georgia. Virginia. California. Utah. New York.

Those are all the place I’ve lived in a 5-year timespan. It’s crazy, really. To be real with you, I’ve felt unsettled and ungrounded the past few years. I’ve never lived in a place that truly felt like home, and Jered & I realized lately we were SOO ready to just slow down a little bit and really enjoy the life we were given.

So, yes! We are MOVING! And don’t worry, you are just as shocked as I am 🤣. Me and J decided on this about a week ago, and we’re still trying to process everything. Basically we knew our lease was up May 1st, and needed to make a decision on whether to stay in New York or move somewhere that would allow us to save more money. We want to buy a home…with a backyard and more space- something we’ve realized is important to us in the last year of living in the city. I’ve also learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned where I thrive, what causes my anxiety to skyrocket, what I enjoy, and what makes me happy.

Before ya think we are crazy and did this on a whim, I’ve got some explaining to do. Technically yes, this move is quicker than expected. Our original plan was to stay in NYC for two years. Then we decided to try to sublet and stay through the end of this summer. When it came closer to time to move, we knew this wasn’t the best option for us or the pups…ya know? I didn’t want to move them to a new apartment, only to turn around and move them again.

Like responsible adults, we took out a map of the US. Okay not really. It was Google maps on our Iphone. We narrowed down areas we felt that we both could thrive. We researched a lot. Prayed. Repeat. We wanted a city that we could grow in. A city where we could buy a house without having to move to the suburbs. We wanted warmer weather (I hateeeee the cold, like I turn into a monster the minute winter arrives), restaurants, culture, accessibility, ability to drive, and somewhere that was reasonably priced. Insert DALLAS. Woah.

Howdy ya’ll. This is where it all comes back to bite me in the butt. When J & I got married I gave him a list of states I would never live in. Dramatic, I know. I wanted to get out of the South and try new things…which I’m so grateful I’ve been able to do! But I SWORE I would never live in Texas. I wasn’t a country girl and had stereotyped Texas to be all cowboys and Jason Aldeans walking around everywhere. Jered tried to explain that “There’s Texas, and then there’s Dallas or Austin”. I politely told him no and we moved on with life, literally.

Back to the map situation. We looked at every city, talked about our businesses, travel, etc. We took into account everything and narrowed it down to SoCal or Dallas. Two weeks ago, we went to visit Dallas, and I fell in love. It was a total mixed of Cali, Arizona, city life, and Southern hospitality. So laid back. Jered’s from Tulsa, which is 4 hours away and grew up going to Dallas. He loved it, but hadn’t been in 10 years and wanted to see how it was. We felt right at home. We spent the week dreaming, walking through neighborhoods, and touring apartments. I was overwhelmed, but at the same time experienced a peace that it was a city we could see ourselves living for a while. PS still love Southern Cali and can see us there someday.

With only 3 weeks left in our apartment I’m feeling a mix of emotions.

Living in this beautiful, and chaotic city has been one of the hardest seasons. It’s also been full of growth, change, and awakening. I’ve thrived here and so has my cortisol #anxiety. New York has shown me things I’ve never known about myself. It’s unlocked creativity I didn’t know existed, and I will forever be grateful for this experience. If you’ve ever wanted to move to NYC, DO IT. It’s life-changing in more ways than one.

This move feels like a breakup. Like the kind you know you should do, but don’t want to do? I read this quote yesterday and loved it.

What if this painful breaking is part of a beautiful remaking?
-Lysa Terkeurst

We knew moving to NYC was temporary- it’s always been a bucket list item that I never dreamt would be possible. I am beyond grateful. With our lease ending soon, we had to make the impossible decision to stay one more year or move to a city that felt big, yet homey. Don’t worry- I plan on coming back to NYC as often as I can. We’re sad but excited for this next chapter. Also, so so ready to “settle down” and eventually find a home with a backyard for pups and future kiddos (**disclaimer, no kiddos anytime soon).

As always, the best is yet to come.

Thanks for being along for the ride.



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