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Top 5 Fashion & Beauty Purchases of 2018

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I wanted to share my top 5 makeup and beauty purchases of 2018 that truly are worth the hype! I kept quality, versatility, and style in mind when choosing these. Because who wants to spend money on something you’re going to throw out next year?! If you need any help finding similar matches or your size, DM me! That’s what I’m here for :).

xx -♡Kait



1. Marc Fisher Boots

Most colors are sold out online (except the tan!), but here is another Marc Fischer bootie that is super similar in black. These were a gift from Jered, and they are so comfortable!

2. UGG Fraser Boots
Super warm and comfortable. I have walked all around NYC in these, rain or snow. Available on Amazon!

3. J.Crew Coat
They are out of most sizes, but still have several sizes in the grey! That was my next favorite color!

4. Pilcro Bootcut Jeans
These are on CRAZY sale! $90 and an additional 40% off. So soft!

5. Gucci Belt
My #1 purchase of 2018! I got the smaller, dainty belt. I feel like it’s less showy, and looks cute with a monochrome look. Available at Gucci, Nordstrom, & Saks off 5th. TBH, I’ve seen a lot of fake Gucci belts. I’m personally not a fan of fakes, just because it takes away from other brands, and the quality is low. I will have this belt forever, and view it as a collectable that’ll always be in style.



1. Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance
At Sephora or Ulta. I never understood the hype of Anastasia products, but finally decided to buy their eyeshadow palette, because so many people raved about it. My only regret is not buying it sooner. I plan on going back and purchasing the other two!

2. Chanel Mascara
BEST mascara ever. My friend, Corrine told me about this stuff. Worth the $.

3. Plume Brow
I LOVE this. I was on the verge of spending $100 on eyebrow serum, and ended up getting this instead. It’s a 2-1 eyebrow pomade that provides definition and promotes hair growth. My eye brows have grown so much, and I haven’t had to retouch the microblading I had 2 yrs ago. You can find it at Anthropologie and Revolve (has free shipping)! I use the shade Cinnamon cashmere which is a dark brown, but will probably switch to chestnut decadence which is a medium brown. I like my brows to pop, but the cinnamon is a little too dark for me.

4. Stila Glitter Sticks
I love wearing these on top of my eye shadow. I either apply it directly to the lid or use my finger and dab.

5. Beauty Blender
I was always too cheap to pay $20 for a beauty blender and bought the $5-10 knock-offs. I was SO wrong. These are a game changer, and 100x better than any other beauty blender I used. I ended up spending more $ on the knock-offs, because they would fall apart after a few uses. Purchase from Sephora or Ulta in Pink or Nude.


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